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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the disadvantages of the way the web works is that a lot of people get confused about who we are and what we actually do. Rather than explain first what we are, it would probably be easiest to explain what we are not;

  • We are not a cruise line. We have digital brochures which we developed in conjunction with the cruise lines. They look a lot like the originals except our names are on the title and at the bottom of the opening page.
  • We are not a free information service so you can take your business to a local travel agency. We hope you would respect that in using our service. We handle bookings from around the world, and we do it at a lower cost than most other agencies. This means better deals for you. Strangely enough we have had several agencies refer people to our site, not realizing what they were doing.
  • We can not help you get a job on a cruise line. There are numerous books available on this, or get the Miami paper on sundays. We can't do anything with the resumes you are sending us.
  • We can not help you with bookings made by other travel agencies. If your agent didn't give you enough information, we would love the opportunity to service you in the future. Unfortunately, we can't get access to another agents records.
  • We can not tell you what will happen if there is a storm during a cruise. This is at the discretion of the captain and even the cruise lines don't know what action will be taken if a serious weather situation is encountered.

Who/What is
We are a family owned travel agency which exists entirely on the internet. You won't find us anywhere else. Our staff all have home offices and are spread out across the country.

How long have you been in business?
We are 12 years old, but our staff experience ranges from 1-20 years in the travel industry. During that time almost 1500 people have taken advantage of our travel services.

I sent you a request but never heard back - why?
We average about 10 bad email addresses a week. People mistype their own address and we can't do anything for them. We have also had a couple of mail crashes. You also may not have given us enough information. Unfortunately, we do not have time to recontact everyone who didn't give us enough information. (As a minimum we need one full name, number of people in the cabin, an email address, air departure city, a date, a destination, and a day and night phone number) If you think it's been too long, plea se give us a call at 1-800-697-2457. There is probably a good reason.

How long should it take to get back to me?
We try to contact people within 48 hours. We have a small staff, and sometimes volume exceeds manpower. Please be patient.

What information do you need from me for my cruise?
Everything we need is on the form. Please use it. Our new form will not allow you to leave fields blank. We spent a lot of time going back and forth with some people trying to get the information we needed, which cuts down on our ability to respond quickly to all of our customers as a group. It also makes tracking difficult.

How much does a cruise cost?
3-4 Night cruises generally cost between $400-1000 per person plus taxes ($70-80). 7 Night cruises generally cost between $800-4000 per person plus taxes ($115-135). The worlds most expensive cruise is over $120,000 though. Meals are included but drinks and tips are generally not included. Plan on $7.50 per person per day for tips.


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