Experience the Grandness of Europe

There's a wonderful new way to enjoy the grace and grandeur of the Old World.

A time and place where dreams converge with reality. And fantasies come alive each and every day.

It's on a spectacular Costa cruise to the Europe of your imagination. A journey unlike anything you've

ever experienced. From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the sunswept shores of the Mediterranean.

From the ancient seas of the Aegean to the farthest fjords of Scandinavia. Only Costa gives you more

of what you come to Europe to see. More ports. More choices. More adventures.

A more European experience. Enough pleasures and treasures and memories to last a lifetime.

Perhaps that's why Costa is the number one cruise line in Europe -- and the first choice of

more European cruise passengers. Costa's 7 luxurious ships call on 73 European ports with 34 different

itineraries. Of course, Costa's Italian Style of cruising beckons sophisticated international travelers on 197

sailings around the world. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be pampered Italian Style as we celebrate

more than 50 years of cruising, bringing you a Europe few Americans will ever see.

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