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Celebrity Cruises consistently rated one of the world's finest cruise lines. Find why a Celebrity Cruise vacation is right for you. 

One Caribbean just isn't enough for the ships of the Celebrity Fleet. Celebrity therefore presents 7, 10, and 11 night cruises to the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Deep Caribbean. From the ancient stone walls and majestic turrets of the El Morro fortress in San Juan to the cactus jungles and crystal blue coves of Aruba, Celebrity has the Caribbean cruise itinerary to meet you vacation needs

Over the years, Bermuda has inspired some rather divine comparisons. "Heaven couldn't be more beautiful," Mark Twain wrote. Perhaps it's because Bermuda is like no other place on earth. Even its shape is unique - with its seven largest islands strung together by bridges, some say Bermuda resembles a fishhook. The average annual temperature is a perfect70 degrees. There are no billboards, no neon signs. And businessmen wear shorts to work. In a word, Bermuda is heavenly!

Or visit a pristine land. Where nothing is spoiled. Except our guests. Alaska, the untamed wilderness. The majestic fjords. The rugged terrain. Celebrity Cruises brings our own inimitable style to the land of northern lights.

All requests for cruises are forwarded to the 1Cruise.com Inc. agent nearest you. Our system of doing business allows us to give you great prices and excellent service at the same time. We would like to be your local travel agents. 


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